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    Lake Diva is here to delight you aesthetically and guide you to the culinary richness of the region.


    Create the next best dish on the grill with locally sourced seafood.

Experience the Lake Diva Lifestyle

Lake Diva is more than a lake house by the beach. It is a state of mind. It is a vibe. It is the smell of woodfire smoke while stargazing. It is coming together with friends. It is the smell of coffee while taking a morning walk with the dogs. Lake Diva is where creatives come to be reinspired. Lake Diva is where dreams come true.

On the edge of Loomis Lake

Lake Diva is what we call the original estate house and property that sits at the bank of Loomis Lake in Long Beach Washington. Two blocks away one will find the wild waves of the pacific ocean. The serenity of both the lake and the ocean puts you in a state of complete relaxation. There really is nothing like this.


The original mid-century details of this home are for those who are inspired by aesthetics. Originally built in the '70s with brushed cedar siding, soaring ceilings, and windows to capture the stunning lake views. The home was lovingly maintained by Christina and Gunther from the 1990s until just recently. And it is our sincere hope to continue in their legacy.

The Wild of the Pacific

Lake Diva is a ten minute walk to the longest beach in the world. Hence the name Long Beach. The mighty Columbia river converges with the Pacific ocean just a few miles away. This creates amazing waves and a dangerous undertow. All of which is absolutely stunning.

The Magic of Fika

The Swedish art of the coffee break. We were first introduced to this delight while traveling through Scandanavia. Every afternoon you take a break, have coffee and a light. It is tradition we hold dear at Lake Diva. There is nothing better than taking a hike in Ledbetter park and coming back for an afternoon to a pour over coffee and an almond cookie.

Take it Slow

The great gift of Lake Diva is the opportunity to truly renew your soul. Every morning you will wake up to the sounds of birds and the sun rising over Loomis Lake. The sounds of the ocean will beckon you to take a long walk on the beach. And there is nothing like enjoying happy hour in the hot tub in the afternoon.

Founders Story

Lake Diva is a dream come true for owners Chavi and Kim. They wanted a space for friends to come and find respite so they can go back out and to the good work the universe intended for them. After finding Lake Diva plans were made and ideas hatched to create an entire ecosystem around the idea of nature and respite. The space between laughter and star gazing. The joy of being in community. And so much more...

Lake Diva is the perfect blend of tranquility and activity. You can sip coffee on the dock on a still morning or get out on a kayak. You can watch the sun set over the ocean or explore nearby towns and state parks. Whatever speed you’re looking for—Lake Diva is standing by.
Kitty on the Dock
Kitty H.

Adventure Awaits in Long Beach, WA

And enticing retreat tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the shore of stunning Lake Loomis. The Divas of Lake Diva thought of all the details and provided everything that you could possibly need for a magical getaway. - Alex A.


Lake Diva is LGBTQ+ and POC Advocates
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Remote Worker Ready

Lake Diva is perfectly situated to accommodate remote workers. We have high speed internet mixed with the Eero mesh system. You can work anywhere right now. Why not in the inspirational comforts of Lake Diva?


Artist Retreat at Lake Diva

Artist Retreat

Our space was always intended to be a retreat space for creatives, dancers, writers, and those who serve in our non-profit world. You are underpaid for your capacity to inspire. Ask for more information.


/Diva Dweller
Exploring Lake Loomis on a Flotilla
Diva Dweller

Friend of the Divas

Are you a Diva Dweller or a friend of the Divas? You know who we are and probably have our number. Give us a ring/text and we can chat about making Lake Diva your next adventure spot. Cause everyone needs a little Diva in their life.
Bags packed. Dogs in the car. Let's go!