Our Place

Bounty of the Pacific Northwest

Explore the gourmet fresh products that exist within ten minutes of Lake Diva.


Lake Diva is tucked between the bounty of the shellfish from Willapa Bay and the heritage of the coastal fishing industry. Tucked off various roadways one will find incredible farm eggs, honey, and goat cheese. The bounty of the region aways. And Lake Diva's fully stocked pantry, spices, and higher-end cookware is waiting for your magical creations.


Experience why Lake Diva is a must to stop for many folks throughout their year.


Lake Diva is the result of two well-traveled humans who love the finer comforts in life. And they are constantly entertaining friends. Come and enjoy!

Two Blocks From the Beach

The lake is a great find but take a quick ten-minute walk and you will find the longest beach in the world.

Protected Views of a Nature Preserve

Right across from Lake Diva is a wild nature preserve. Enjoy eagles, ospreys, and Karl the Dock Herron.

High Speed WiFi + Roku TV

We all have to work or take meetings even when we are on vacation. The Eero mesh WiFi system keeps even the teens connected.

Friend/Family Friendly

The owners of Lake Diva are a queer family and understand the unique accommodations needed for chosen families.

No One Fights for a Shower

There are four bathrooms at Lake Diva. Three of them are ensuite baths for three of the bedrooms. And the upstairs bath is a full-size shared bath.

Affordable Luxury

Lake Diva is intentionally designed for those of us who need high-quality beds, high linen count, and visually stimulating aesthetics.

Washer & Dryer

They might be old but they just don't make them like they use to. The washer and dryer can take on all of your beach combing adventures.

COVID Safe Entry

There is a private code for entering Lake Diva. The home is thoroughly cleaned and there is a mandatory 72-hour wait between guests.

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Lake Diva Rates

Lake Diva is designed for today's remote workers and those of you who are in the Diva Dweller kinship group.

Remote Worker
Sleeps 10
  • Four Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • Top Quality Mattresses
  • High Speed Internet
  • Dog Friendly
Artist Retreat
Sleeps 10
  • Four Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • Separate Studio Space
  • High Speed Internet
  • Dog Friendly
Diva Dweller
Sleeps 10
  • Four Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • Diva Party Barn
  • High Speed Internet
  • Dog Friendly
Enticing retreat tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the shore of stunning Lake Loomis. . The Divas of Lake Diva thought of all the details and provided everything that you could possibly need for a magical getaway.
Alex at Lake Diva
Every moment was magical from the house itself to going out on the lake, being able to walk to the beach, and so much more. Every day I woke up excited for the next day.
Noel in Oysterville


Check Yourself - Respect your fellow humans and the environment. Hot Tub (5 People Max) - During the Winter Solstice gathering, we broke the old hot tub with our loving tub life. This new tubbie is in perfect condition. Let's all keep It that way. Make sure you latch all four sides of the hot tub when not in use. Check the water levels and refill the tub as needed during your stay. Plastic Glasses Only in the Hot Tub and No food - We have fancy plastic containers Be Responsible - You are an adult. Or an adult supervising young people. Wear safety gear in the lake. Also, you know what you can handle. We are not responsible if you go missing drunk in the woods or wander into the ocean high as a kite. The same goes for boinking in the hot tub. Please Monitor Young Humans - Make sure everyone enjoys the lake safely. Doggos Are Welcome - Please do not leave your doggos unattended inside or outside of the home. Also, remember to pick up after your pets and make sure your fur babies do not disturb the wildlife. Water Sports - When it comes to the Lake all water sports require appropriate safety gear. Life Jackets MUST be worn on the water. No swimming is allowed in the Ocean due to the undertow. Flush Responsibly - Lake Diva's septic system is quite sensitive. Please only flush toilet paper and the #s 1 and 2... No baby wipes, condoms, or other random things. It costs $100 every time we need to have the system cleaned. The Washing Machine - Yes - we know. It's quirky but she works. Please Make sure to not leave ANYTHING in the sink or it will clog and overflow. Dishwasher - Load the larger ceramic plates in the back of the dishwasher. Recycling Center - located at the corner of Bay Ave and Sandridge Road. Garbage Pick Up - Please put it out on Tuesday for early Wednesday pickup First Aid Kit - Found above the washing machine.