Take it Slow at Lake Diva in Long Beach

Lake Diva Dock in the Afternoon

The great gift of Lake Diva is the opportunity to truly renew your soul. Every morning you will wake up to the sounds of birds and the sun rising over Loomis Lake. The sounds of the ocean will beckon you to take a long walk on the beach. And there is nothing like enjoying happy hour in the hot tub in the afternoon.

The founders are busy women and have the toughest time disconnecting. But for some reason Lake Diva has that special sauce to get us in the right frame of mind. Want to unwind from your busy life and take it slow for awhile? Here is an idea for a perfectly slow day at Lake Diva.

Morning Slow Ritual

Wake up, stretch, enjoy some locally roasted coffee from Long Beach Coffee Roasters, and take that coffee out to the Dock. If you are lucky Karl the blue herron will be chilling in the reeds.

Noon Slow Ritual

Regardless of the season the sun always seems to sneak through the clouds right around 12 noon. This is a perfect time to enjoy a few sun salutations and take in that energy. Or take this moment to walk to the beach and delight in the waves. The Columbia Riva pours out into the ocean super close to Long Beach. As a result, the waves are intense onto Long Beach and the undertow is dangerous. Sometimes just being in awe of this greatness helps to put things in perspective.

Afternoon Slow Ritual

The Divas are all about afternoon Fika. And yes we probably drink more coffee than most people. We love taking a good hearty hike or a walk on the beach with the dogs. Coming back to slow crafted pour-over is a favorite afternoon ritual of ours. Check out blog about enjoying Fika for more information.

Happy Hour Slow Ritual

Going slow can include an indulgent afternoon cocktail. There is nothing like crafting a beautiful cocktail and heading out to the hot tub. During the winter solstice season we sat with our friends in the hot tub and had a winter storm rage overhead. The feeling of complete peace and delight is something none of us will ever forget.

Evening Slow Ritual

Rarely do we ever have time to actually cook up something delightful. Our well stocked kitchen has everything you need to bake, roast, or craft something that you have been thinking about for a long time. Need some inspiration. Check out the vintage cookbook collection we have and get cooking.

Bedrime Slow Ritual

Our friend and resident Lake Diva Astrologer, Stephanie Gailing, just published a book of dreams. It is such a testament of the rituals we can do to prepare ourselves for the dream state. The more we learn about health and self care the more the restorative qualities of sleep come into focus. Take a moment and flip through Stephanie’s The Complete Book of Dreams that you will find in our collection of books.

Taking it slow does not have to be a complete zen retreat. It can just be a moment that you take to enjoy your surroundings, enjoy the art of coffee, craft a dish, enjoy a hot tub, and just be. It is about you unwinding and finding the joy and magic that Lake Diva can offer you.

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