The Wild of the Pacific Ocean Along Long Beach

Sunset on Long Beach

Long Beach is a long peninsula in the Lower Columbia River Basin along the Washington coast. One of the great things about Long Beach is that it is literally the longest beach in the world. Crazy. One looks at the huge span of beach and thinks that we are dealing with just a typical wave. When in fact the combination of the Columbia River meeting Ocean creates one of the worst undertows one can experience.

Historically the area was known for a high number of shipwrecks from the chaotic combination of the river meeting the ocean. There is a home in Ocean Park that is built entirely from shipwreck materials. It is a sad and fascinating bit of history about the nearby ocean. Here is a great article that goes into the history of shipwrecks close to Lake Diva.

Things to Be Careful About When Enjoying the Ocean

Kids love swimming in the waves. But these waves are not like the ones you will find on other beaches. Make sure you take precaution. The waves along Long Beach have a history. And a very dangerous reputation. The undertow is unlike anything we have ever seen in our many travels to beaches around the world.

Enjoy the Wild of the Pacific Ocean

The tides during the winter time are our favorite. They are dramatic and intense. Sometimes if we are lucky we will be at Lake Diva during a King Tide. This is when the tides are so intense they come up and over into the seagrass. They move whole trees and logs along the beach.

Enjoy the wilds of the Pacific ocean just blocks from Lake Diva.

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