The Art of Swedish Fika at Lake Diva

The Magic of Fika at Lake Diva

Fika at Lake Diva

Enjoying Fika at Lake Diva is an everyday joy. First – we should probably define Fika for those who are unfamiliar. Fika is the Swedish custom of taking a little break in the afternoon to rest, reset with friends and enjoy coffee and sweets or snacks. We at Lake Diva are all about relaxing and rejuvenating with friends. In fact this – this is Lake Diva’s mission in life. So, of course, Fika is a major part of Lake Diva time. Our favorite time to enjoy Fika is after a mid-afternoon paddle on the Lake, a cold breezy walk to the beach, or a rousing game of Croquet on the lawn. Fika can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors – depending on the time of year. And, of course, at Lake Diva, we often include a little cocktail in our afternoon Fika fun. 

Fika in the Sun

Regardless of the season, when the sun is shining, we take our Fika time outside. Whether it’s spreading out the blankets on the lawn, or grabbing lounge chairs and camping out at the dock – Fika in the sun while watching our resident and diverse bird friends soar above the lake is always relaxing. On the warmer days, our Fika includes nibbles from the local bounty available on the Long Beach Peninsula and a light cocktail featuring gin, vodka, or liquers from the local Adrift Distillers. Side note #1: The Adrift Distillers is located right next to the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach. They are open for tastings most days and offer a wonderful selection of Gins, Vodka, Whiskey, Liqueurs, and Amaros for purchase. Our fav for cocktail making are the Love Warrior Gin and the Cranberry Liquer all made from local ingredients. For nibbles our favorites include salmon spread and salmon roe caviar from Oysterville Farms or some fantastic smoked salmon and tuna from local purveyors of all things seafood, The Sportsmen’s Cannery, located in Seaview, just south of downtown Long Beach. 

Indoor Fika Lounge Time

Rain or shine – it’s never a bad time to enjoy Fika. So when the blustery winter and fall rainy season rolls around – we cuddle up in the living room with fuzzy blankets and throw a vinyl on the record player. Then it’s time to break out the coffee and sweets. If you are a super lover of all things Scandanavian like myself, you might choose to take an excursion south to Astoria, Oregon. A beautiful 40 minute drive south along the coast and over the bridge and you are there. Why would I send you on an excursion to Astoria just to prepare for Fika you ask? Right in downtown Astoria on Commercial St is the fabulous Finn Ware store. This store holds all thing Scandanvian, art, decor, dishes, clothes, and TREATS! Here you can find imported sweets and treats from Norway, Sweden and Finland, everything from chocolates, cookies, candies and, of course, a wide array of licorice items (I load up on these treats every time!) So besides stocking up on sweets for your afternoon Fika – you can also grab some fun Marimekko mugs and home goods for your non Lake Diva Fika time. But I digress…

Where was I.. Oh right. Lounging on the couch and listening to some Herb Albert on the stereo. We usually have local coffee from Long Beach Coffee Roasters which you can buy from our favorite coffee shop called Bold. Although I prefer a Dark Roast in the morning like their Discovery Coast Dark, for Fika I prefer a medium roast like the Peninsula Gold. If I’m enjoying late afternoon cold weather Fika – I will always lean toward sweet over savory with my coffee, but there are no hard and fast rules at Lake Diva. I love to set the coffee pot a brewing and bust open some Scandinavian cookies, some lovely chocolate, and, on occasion, some baked goods from Sadie and Josie’s Bakery. Since their main business is in Longview they are only open Thursday to Sunday but if you are in town those days, drive by and snag some baked goods for your Fika time – you won’t regret it.

However, you choose to enjoy Fika – we strongly encourage you to revel in this custom while you are at Lake Diva. Relaxation, rejuvenation, and sharing the little joys of life with friends is what Lake Diva is all about. And Fika is the perfect way to enjoy all of those.

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